Wednesday, July 21, 2010

PHS delisting who is in charge

For the love of PHS users, this is definitely not really a good news: China Mobile has revealed that government departments have made it clear that all 1900-1920MHz band wireless access system should be completed before the end of 2011 net clear frequency back to work to assure 1880-1900MHz band TD-SCDMA system to produce harmful interference. 1900-1920MHz is designated for PHS use the original band. It also means that PHS will be back in three years, the total network. According to industry sources, has received a delisting Ministry of Industry and the relevant documents on the PHS, PHS, or people will fade out before the end of 2011 vision.

We know that even if growth in the Chinese mobile communications market, the gradual slowdown, the humble PHS still alarming momentum. Although PHS does not have the phone number of features, but with low radiation, low tariff advantages, it still remains a number of special groups, such as the elderly, medical staff favorite. And the user base is still huge, there are still nearly 70 million users. PHS is a piece of paper 3-year ban requested delisting, to make way for the development of TD, have considered this part of the consumer's opinions?

Will find that as long as the points open, the thread is almost overwhelming opposition. Users and who of course is not necessarily to sing a different tune, everyone is rational economic man, in the comprehensive consideration of their own reality out after the vote against, only that this serious violation of the roots of the relevant rights and interests.

In fact, "PHS ban" is definitely not new-the early opening of this business in 1997 when it was part of the industry has been accused of "illegal business", once a few years ago to slow down the relevant authorities, "a small well-informed "of the seepage rate, against" Little Smart "to enter Beijing, Tianjin and other large cities. Now, with the frequency, citing insufficient resources, the PHS frequency band allocated to TD-SCDMA, can be seen as the ultimate strangulation of the PHS. Subtext behind the ban is simply PHS are low-end products, technical level is too low to meet the modern communication technology, now Tuiweirangxian the.

These high-sounding reasons, tens of millions of users in dismay eyes shone a paper delisting ban, so why not recruit people to be see? In the context of the financial crisis, obviously not everyone has 3G, it can only be forced cancellation of is brutally deprived of part of the population to choose a specific consumer rights, harm social welfare, causing complaints.

Undoubtedly, sophisticated technology is really good, but for consumers, easy to use yet affordable technology is good technology. This technology, are entrepreneurs and consumers in the long process of compromise after the result of ongoing game, but not fly out of office-type documents can ban approved.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

CoreSoft DVD Ripper Platinum

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Monday, July 5, 2010

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