Tuesday, September 21, 2010

photoshop effect of creating non-mainstream MTV


Effect diagram:

1, open the original image, to build a Levels adjustment layer, as follows:

2, the construction of a curve adjustment layer, parameters are as follows. This step is to become a film screen texture.

3, create a new layer, Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E back layer by layer 1, layer 1 copy of a copy mode to soft light, opacity 51%.

4, create a new layer, back layer, by layer 2, layer 2 copy of a copy of the implementation of filters - variegated - Add variegated, can add a personal favorite.

5, to add a mask layer 2 copy, with a black brush struck a person.

6, create a new layer, use the line tool to draw on the screen free of miscellaneous line.

7, copy number of hybrid lines filled the screen, line up after the merger of the hybrid line layer, set the mode to overlay, opacity 39%, add the mask clashes figures.

8, create a new layer, use the rectangle selection tool to draw in both the upper and lower box, fill it with black, make up and down the dark side.

Finally add the text you want to complete the final results!

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