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Zhang Chengdong: 3G "licenses" after

3G "licenses" and enter the 3 G era is an entirely different concept. In the 3 G "license", the time to really enter the 3 G era, depends on how the next three operators "fight."

3 G licenses issued the responsibility and communication industry in 2009 as the first pile good thing. Obviously, such a sufficiently clear market signals, not only means a lot of hard cash within the next few years of continuous investment, but also means that China's telecommunications industry is about to usher in the overall upgrade.

In December 2008, Minister of Industry and Information Technology Li Yizhong talk about in 2009 when the 3G development, says that in 2009 at least 200 billion yuan invested. Datang Telecom, according to their estimates, direct investment in the next 5 years, 3G is about 1.5 trillion yuan, China's contribution to GDP is about 10 trillion yuan, an impact is quite substantial.

However be noted that, 3 G "license" and enter the 3 G era is an entirely different concept. From the former into the latter, no doubt also need the government, operators and other aspects of the continuing advance.

Bid farewell to a dominant

The current 3G market competition is already very uncertain situation. China Mobile's development from the 2G market, made this position also needs to have more play in the 3G era. As China Mobile Chairman Wang said: China Mobile to develop TD-SCDMA can not shirk responsibility. This attitude is undoubtedly China Mobile to promote TD-SCDMA a good start.

China Mobile's action from the point of view, in the new year started TD-SCDMA new logo "G3". Prior to that, has announced that TD-SCDMA will be taken to integrate with existing business strategies 2G, GSM users can through the "three noes" policy (no card replacements, without changing the number, no registration) the user directly to the transition to TD. China Mobile has also pledged to 2011, TD network will cover 95% of the country to the city's business-class hotspot.

Reorganized China Unicom and China Telecom will usher in a world of. For China Unicom, WCDMA network construction schedule has been preliminarily identified: the arrival in February began construction equipment, "5.17" period, WCDMA network will be officially opened.

For China Telecom, announced at the end of September 2008, China Telecom C network of up to 300 million tender has caused a sensation. Subsequently, the officially released "Tianyi" brand, is considered a milestone in China's telecommunications transformation strategy.

In all fairness, in the 3G market, China Mobile is no longer highlighted the inherent advantages, while China Unicom and China Telecom in the catch.

Comparison among three types of standards had not been interrupted. Mobile is own that, in the maturity of the technology, TD compared to WCDMA to about two and a half behind.

A telecommunications industry veteran, said in an interview in the reorganization of resources after the operation, the three mobile operators have been license, China Mobile and the other two than in the lack of fixed-line business fell into his biggest disadvantage (CRC for additional mobile in very limited fixed). For China Mobile, the lack of fixed-line business is brought directly to the enterprise network business on the short board. China Unicom and China Telecom launched fixed-line business and mobile business combination, the LNP can be achieved, will bring China a very strong mobile combat. On the other hand it should be noted, China Mobile in the enterprise size, subscriber base, service and brand and so are ahead of the other two.

From the national level, the competent authorities is in fact a gradual elimination of a carrier's absolute superiority in certain areas. Only through a more fair and balanced competition, can bring the whole telecom industry to upgrade.

Policy of full control

Country from the policy guidance of the 3G market is comprehensive. The end of 2008, the State Council executive meeting, Premier Wen Jiabao highlighted, release the third generation mobile telecommunications license for stimulating domestic demand, optimize the structure of the telecommunications market competition, promoting TD-SCDMA industry chain mature, play an important role.

Policies can be basically divided into three areas.

First, from the national level, complementary policies to manage. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology vice president of Telecommunications Research Institute of Engineering in the relevant interview Mr Chen said that in the 3G license issuance, the appropriate complementary policies will be launched soon. Such as access policy, regulatory policy, Internetwork roaming, resource sharing and so on in the development of these. Including the regulatory regime adjustments, operating structure optimization, the progress of the industrial chain, need to take into consideration. In addition, quality of service protection, service specification development, frequency allocation of resources, settlement prices, we also need to gradually explore.

Second is the self-standard TD-SCDMA support. The state invested heavily in TD-SCDMA and high expectations, relevant policy support should be continued to strengthen. From the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology terms, the Minister Li Yizhong has repeatedly stressed that with independent intellectual property rights to support TD-SCDMA. In the December 19, 2008 meetings of the National Conference on Industry and Information Technology, said Li Yi, for TD-SCDMA's 36 measures have been implemented to support 21 projects, the industry chain is further improved.

China Mobile, this support may be more specific. Known as the communications industry observers such as Li Gang previously mentioned items like the details of this base station deployment, TD Beijing is poor network coverage, because many problems encountered in the deployment. These require government support and help.

Third, the guidance of the three standard network integration policy. At this stage, the policy first on the effective use of telecommunication resources for overall guidance. For example, in December 10, 2008, the three operators to share infrastructure, jointly signed the framework agreement that is the case. The view from the longer-term goals, 3G communications technology are moving in the direction of network convergence, from HSPA, EVDO and LTE than 3.5G technologies such as the evolution point of view, the core network has been convergence, 4G standards prior to the realization of the unity. Similarly, China's 3G must be synchronized with the world, TD-SCDMA and WCDMA and CDMA2000 be competing development. This is a clear need for national policy should also make provision in time.

Local equipment manufacturers in the spring

China's 3G market for domestic equipment makers, all are high aspirations. But the result is naturally grad.

In the TD a tender, ZTE won a total of more than 45% of the share; in China Telecom C network of up to 300 million tender, Huawei topped nearly 30% of the share. This means that local manufacturers in China has become the mainstream of China's telecommunications equipment market suppliers.

Such as Alcatel-Lucent, Motorola, Nortel, Ericsson and other telecom giants despite their own strong points WCDMA and CDMA2000 standards, has also taken the form of joint ventures with Chinese companies to fight for share, but some manufacturers are not happy with the results.

However, the domestic analysts believe that even if the share of the current view, in fact, have already exceeded their expectations of certain foreign manufacturers. Earlier, reporters on the CCW Research (CCW Research) vice president of breaks in the interview, Guo Haitao, says that as China Telecom, Nortel CDMA wireless devices in the project can get 17% of the share has been pretty good. Then in the long run, foreign firms may not be accustomed to the Chinese market share only in the narrow, there are Chinese manufacturers in the global phase-court press.

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